Hi I am erin.

I am originally from New Zealand but moved to Brooklyn, New York, four years ago. I live in a little wee apartment with my husband Rich, far too many pot plants, and often a foster kitten or five.

I have an extended family that is very close knit, very loud, and loves eating together, so I grew up surrounded by food from a very young age. I love trying new things, making cakes, and incorporating fresh, seasonal ingredients. 

I am a geologist by trade, and worked on an oil rig before moving to NYC, but now spend most of my time mucking around in the kitchen dreaming up new things. Most of the recipes here are inspired by ingredients and flavour combinations that I love - a mixture of New Zealand baking, things made with ingredients from the farmers market, and whatever else happens to be floating around in my head!

Thanks for visiting! Id love to hear from you! If you would like to subscribe to my mailing list, you can do so in the side bar where it says ‘subscribe’. If you have a question, please feel free to shoot me an email or send me a message on Instagram - I love hearing from you!


Answers to some frequently asked questions

  • If you would like to republish a recipe of mine, please feel free to do so by using one photo and a link back to the recipe. If you would like to republish the recipe on your site, please link back to the original recipe at the top of the post, and rewrite the recipe in your own words to put your own spin on it.

  • Lots of my recipes are posted in grams - the reasoning behind this is that it is the most accurate way to bake. You won’t go into a commercial kitchen and see them making a cake measured in cups. If I have recipe tested in grams, the recipe will be posted that way too, because I want you to get the most accurate outcome possible! I don’t see the point in adding conversions that weren’t recipe tested - all that would be doing would be increasing the chances of the recipe failing. So often a recipe will come out differently to how it was intended due to differences in measuring technique. Using a scale eliminates this completely. You can purchase a scale very cheaply (mine was $11 on amazon!), and it totally removes the margin of error caused by baking by volume. Scales are great - they are super accurate, and you have way less dishes!