No churn Hokey Pokey Ice Cream


Do you ever find that there are things that you didn't know that you missed until you had to go without them? For us, that was hokey pokey ice cream. Its a classic New Zealand ice cream flavour, and I am yet to see something like it. It is chunks of honeycomb (which we call hokey pokey) in vanilla ice cream, and it is the BEST. Truth be told i'm not a huge ice cream eater, but you really can't beat hokey pokey ice cream on apple crumble. 

It took us a good two years for me to realise that I could probably just make my own. And turns out its not that difficult at all. Plus you get to eat all the extra hokey pokey, which is one of the few situations where the intense risk of cavities is greatly outweighed by how good it is. 

Can we also please just take a moment to appreciate no churn ice cream. SO easy. For some reason I have always been low key frightened of making my own ice cream (I honestly have no idea why, ice cream gives me a little bit of a sore tummy so maybe i'm just scared of ice cream in general?) so this is a great first step. Or perhaps it is a gateway drug to just making every sort of ice cream ever. We shall see. 

I used golden syrup in the hokey pokey, because that is what I grew up using. I had to end up ordering it online, as I was unable to find it in shops here. Golden syrup is made from concentrated cane sugar juice. I am unsure if you can interchange it with corn syrup, but if anyone has tried I would love to hear your experience! Either way, its amazing made with the golden syrup, and totally worth having to ship it in. 

Make sure that you have everything ready before you make the hokey pokey - a lined tray or tin to pour it on, and pre-measured baking soda. As soon as you add the baking soda to the hot sugar mixture it froths like crazy and you need both your hands to stir it as quickly as possible. Try to incorporate the baking soda but don't stir it too much or the mixture will deflate. 

Once you add the hokey pokey bits to the ice cream, don't be surprised if you go to eat some and they look kind of dissolved - this is meant to happen, and the dissolved bits are the best bits!! 




No churn Hokey Pokey ice cream
- Makes about 1 pint/500ml -

Hokey Pokey
5 Tbsp (62.5g) sugar
2 Tbsp (42g) golden syrup
1 tsp baking soda

Ice Cream
One 14oz (400g) can of condensed milk
2 cups (500ml) Cold heavy cream
1tsp Vanilla extract



Line a baking tray with parchment paper. Measure out baking soda into a ramekin. In a small pot, over medium heat, combine sugar and golden syrup. Heat until the sugar has dissolved. Bring to the boil, and boil for two minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from the heat. Add baking soda and quickly stir to incorporate. Mixture will become very frothy. Pour out onto prepared tray. Leave to harden. When set, break into small pieces with a rolling pin or handle of a knife. 


In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment, or with a handheld beater, whip the heavy cream, condensed milk and vanilla extract together until stiff peaks form. 


Gently fold two thirds of the broken hokey pokey into the whipped cream and condensed milk mixture. Pour into a loaf tin or similar container. Place a piece of wax paper on the surface of the ice cream to stop crystals from forming, and freeze overnight. When serving, minimise time that the ice cream is out of the freezer, as it melts very easily. Serve with reserved hokey pokey pieces.