Best of Meals:

hot ham*

pulled pork sliders with coleslaw*

burrata pizza*

flatbread margherita pizza

fish & coleslaw tacos

sushi bowl

blackbean burgers

roast vege & couscous salad

veggie chilli

super nachos


butter chicken

peanut chicken with rice

soup dumpling

katsu curry

pumpkin soup with brown butter and sage

potato rosti with homemade tomato sauce

kumara rosti with egg

deviled eggs with lime and sweet thai basil

steak with kumara chips

gado gado

sushi bowl with chicken

corn fritters

zucchini fritters

pesto gnocchi

butternut ravioli with brown-butter sage

corn and bacon soup

blackcurrant smoothie bowl

chicken pie

soft musil


okonomiyaki with lime chili shrimp

mozzarella basil tomato balsamic

shrimp tacos with corn salad

tofu summer rolls

quinoa salad

Best of Baking:


chocolate chunk cookies*

banana cake with shitty chocolate icing*

toasted coconut fried doughnuts*

banana bread*

peanut butter cookies*

brown-butter and banana shortbread


red velvet cake with shitty chocolate icing


claudia's brownie

date scones

cheese and bacon scones

sweet peanut butter cups

zuckini bread


Best of Other:

zucchini relish*

herb syrups

homemade tomato sauce

plain rolls

brioche rolls


pickled red onions


* = extremely, extremely good